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Conventional 48-sheet, 96-sheet

We excel as a leading Out-Of-Home provider of 48 and 96 sheet billboards. A 48-sheet billboard measures around 20×10 feet and traditionally consisted of 48 paper sheets.

The 96-sheet billboard is even larger, approximately 40×10 feet, doubling the size of a 48-sheet billboard. These billboards ensure excellent visibility and are commonly found in high-traffic areas, allowing you to display your messages effectively to a wide audience.

We offer two types of billboards: unipole and multi-leg spectacular. Unipole billboards are tall, single-sided displays supported by a vertical pole, known for their visibility and ability to stand out in busy cityscapes. Multi-leg spectacular billboards are larger, complex structures with multiple panels, legs, and captivating designs. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas, they captivate attention with stunning visuals.


Unipole/Multi-leg Spectacular Billboards

Scroller Billboards

We offer scroller billboards, which use a scrolling mechanism to display multiple ads in succession. These dynamic billboards capture attention and maximize exposure by showcasing different advertisements on a large rectangular panel. With manual or motorized scrolling, advertisers can engage viewers with visually appealing and changing content, delivering impactful messages to a wide audience.

Our LED boards are vibrant and dynamic advertising displays that utilize high-resolution visuals, showcasing images, videos, and text. With flexibility in content management, they captivate audiences in various indoor and outdoor settings. These modern displays provide a impactful way to convey brand messages and are widely used in advertising, sports stadiums, and retail stores.

LED Boards

Bridge Panels

As a leading provider, we specialize in bridge panels that are known for their size and width, providing generous space for displaying impactful messages. Strategically positioned in high-traffic areas, these panels effectively reach a wide audience.
Our offerings encompass both static and digital bridge panels, tailored to specific installations. Static bridge panels feature fixed printed advertisements or graphics, while our digital bridge panels utilize LED or other cutting-edge display technologies to present engaging and interactive content.

Our rooftop billboards are strategically positioned atop buildings for maximum visibility and attention-catching impact. These large displays reach a wide audience, particularly in urban areas with tall buildings and high traffic. By leveraging rooftop billboards, advertisers effectively deliver messages, enhance brand awareness, and contribute to the dynamic advertising landscape of urban environments.

Rooftop Billboards

Wall Drapes

Our wall drapes billboards are large-scale advertising displays that cover building exteriors, creating visually striking canvases for brand messaging. Custom-designed to fit building dimensions, these billboards feature high-resolution graphics, vibrant colors, and attention-grabbing designs. They leave a lasting impression, dominating the urban landscape for long-term campaigns, special events, or temporary installations.

Our street sign ads, also known as street pole ads or pole banners, are eye-catching advertising displays affixed to street signs or poles. Positioned in urban or high-traffic areas, these ads target pedestrians and motorists. With captivating graphics and messages, they promote businesses, events, and community information effectively.

Street Signs

Lamp Posts

Our lamp post ads, also known as lamppost banners or light pole ads, utilize existing infrastructure to reach pedestrians and motorists in urban areas. Strategically placed at regular intervals, these cost-effective displays offer effective promotion for businesses and organizations.

Other Out-Of-Home Advertising We Offer Include:

Street Furniture Advertising

Mobile/Transit Billboards

Airport Advertising

Mall Advertising

Sport Stadium Advertising

Creative Design Service

Bus Wraps

Wall Murals etc

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